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The scale, breadth and pioneering approach of Nair & Co.’s services provides a range of valuable benefits for our clients. We are focused exclusively on developing clients’ internationalization strategy and multiplying profits. We were the first to identify this niche nearly two decades ago, we know what we do well, and how to make our expertise work to your advantage. We are an independent, self-sustaining service provider with no links to or investments in us by sensitive third parties such as your bank. Here’s what makes us stand out.

One Firm, One point of Contact - We are not middlemen.
Nair & Co. integrates legal, accounting, payroll, tax and human resources services taking the stress out of your overseas expansion. The ease of having a reliable one stop, one point of contact solution in a new market, or country of operation can drastically reduce costs and risks, management time, compliance and confidentiality headaches for multinationals. From value added tax, human resources, remuneration, stock options to tax; the entire gamut of a multi-country operation is a phone call away.

Day-to-Day Accounting and Compliance - We are a gold standard globally.
Nair & Co.’s SAS70/SSAE16 Type II certification ensures that the highest level of financial control is exercised over all international support and day-to-day accounting processes.

Expert Risk Management - We know risk, and we know how to reduce it.
Our robust anti-money laundering and fraud prevention measures, proactive training for staff, and a specific focus on updating ourselves on foreign regulations as they evolve help you to not just avoid risk, but make risk management work to your advantage. Our high-level service avoids audits, and our pre-existing in-country relationships with regulatory authorities mean less compliance headaches. Our integrated approach eliminates the need for side vendors preventing issues from falling through the cracks. Our one point of contact model means we have all of the information you need at our finger tips.

Scalable Solutions - We grow with you.
Nair & Co. wants to grow with you. We do not offer pre-boxed "take it or leave it" solutions. Our solutions scale to suit your new operations, changes in policy, or changes in strategy. We are a multi-country company and understand your challenges. Instead of relying solely on one solution delivered to all clients, Nair & Co. evaluates each client to determine what solutions best meet their needs. Our insistence on understanding and carefully mapping information about the client and their needs makes it easier to scale ourselves to their growth while delivering the best solution for their business model and strategy.

Local expertise - We are where you need us to be
Our distributed business allows us to facilitate access for you globally. We have offices worldwide and we maintain exceptional staff in each. We employ accountants, lawyers, and HR specialists from many countries. Nair & Co. has the cultural, technical and linguistic expertise to operate successfully in nearly all the countries in the world.

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