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The Nair & Co. Story

Markets open, innovations happen, commerce evolves but at the core of it all is the ability of any business to earn profit at minimum risk. In the past decade nothing has shaped the world economy more than increasing foreign market forays of businesses. Nair & Co. has been at the center of this radical transformation.

The only services provider with the international tax, compliance, and accounting expertise needed to reduce the risk and liabilities of an overseas expansion, Nair & Co. is making the world a borderless marketplace.

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The Nair & Co. story began in 1994 when Dr. Shan Nair, a nuclear scientist who retrained as an accountant and Vyoma Nair, a finance professional seasoned in solving overseas expansion issues, channeled their experience into a service that went on to create a new niche in the outsourcing industry.

By 1999, Dr. Nair and Vyoma had transformed Nair & Co. into a fast-growing company with a rapidly-increasing employee base and aggressive focus on business development. Throughout the early 2000’s Nair & Co. continued to bring its expertise to new regions and markets and opened its first international office in the U.S. in 2001.

The next few years saw stupendous growth in outsourcing in IT and manufacturing with more and more companies waking up to the potential of Nair & Co. as a valuable asset in minimizing risk and costs in their international forays.

By 2003 Nair & Co. had upgraded its processes, technological capabilities and implemented structural changes that reflected its emerging global presence and capabilities to deliver value to its clients.

Nair & Co. operates 1000+ client operations spread across 50+ countries. Our successes have not gone unrecognized. Nair & Co. is ranked among the world’s top 100 outsourcing providers by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. In 2008, Nair & Co.'s co-founder, Dr. Shan Nair, received the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award and the Gulland’s Excellence Award for achievement in business. In 2009, Dr. Nair won the “Hind Rattan” (Jewel of India) and the “Bharat Samman” (Pride of India) awards for global leadership. In 2010 he was awarded the Bharat Samman Lifetime Achievement Award and the David Flint Special Mention Award for entrepreneurial success.

In August 2013, HgCapital, the European sector focused private equity investor, acquired Nair & Co. According to HgCapital, Nair & Co. has all the characteristics that HgCapital looks for in an investment: it is a leader in a highly fragmented market with real growth potential, a large and diversified client base, and a significant and predictable proportion of repeat business.

A leader in the business, Nair & Co. is committed to innovating and growing its range of services.

Our People

Our innovations don't stop. And behind every idea, every inspiration, and every success at Nair & Co. is its valuable workforce. We take great pride in working as a team, and share the common goal of exceeding excellence.

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