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At Nair & Co., we go beyond thinking about clients as clients. We see clients as partners and take their business initiatives as our own. We spend the time getting to know their business and don't take short cuts protecting them from the often costly mistakes that arise from cutting corners. Word-of-mouth is the number one way Nair & Co. generates business and we couldn't do this without top-level client service delivery. Listed below are just a few of our success stories.

  Merger Challenges of a Communications Equipment Company
A US based IP infrastructure and Applications Company had acquired a division of a bankrupt multinational with nearly 1500 employees who had to be on-boarded wihtin a six-week time frame. Subsidiaries had to be set up in 32 countries and all accounting and payroll set up in multiple countries. Nair & Co. not only executed this herculean task but did so within the crucial time period, thus saving the acquisition for the client.
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  Closing Down a WOFE in China / Employee Termination
Empowered with the corporate chop, the manager of a US company's WOFE in China, on being terminated, transfers a large sum of money from the company bank account to his personal account. What follows is a legal tussle between the US parent company, the employee and a legally bound bank which is forced to co-operate with the employee. Nair&Co., with its deep expertise in dealing with Chinese laws and regulations ensures that the client emerges unscathed.
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