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Setting up Centralized Overseas Banking system for Foreign Operations

Nair & Co.’s treasury team runs a “virtual bank” that connects into the banking system of Lloyds TSB Bank in the U.K. By creating a centralizing overseas banking system at Lloyds TSB, we achieve a high level of operational and financial control and cater fully to a company’s foreign operation banking needs.

The collective buying power of our clients also means we benefit from economies of scale so that our clients pay lower transaction fees and receive better rates of foreign currency exchange than they could secure on their own.

Nair & Co. also operates bank accounts for clients in Netherlands, India, China and Singapore and offers through its affiliates, banking connections in all countries we operate in — all in conjunction with strict anti-money laundering controls policed by our internal audit department.

Award-winning Nair & Co. offers you and your company a single-firm solution that allows you to reduce your investment of time and money and operate abroad safely. With our one point of contact business model, you can discuss the full range of challenges in multiple countries in one call. Our integrated solution for HR, finance, tax and legal, ensure your company has the coverage it needs to stay compliant, avoid risks and have efficient HR and finance support abroad. Experience the Nair & Co. difference firsthand.

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