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Employees sometimes need to be terminated for poor performance or on grounds of redundancy. The process is rarely straightforward and fraught with risks. Companies face an assortment of regulations as the “at will” employment concept in the U.S. clashes with “just cause” legislation and other rulings elsewhere in the world. Companies also need to watch for the impact of anti-discrimination laws, national treaties, collective bargaining agreements, consultation with work councils and privacy laws, among others.

Nair & Co.’s multi-country employment law group navigates you through this landmine to minimize these risks. Award-winning Nair & Co. offers you and your company a single-firm solution that allows you to reduce your investment of time and money and operate abroad safely. With our one point of contact business model, you can discuss the full range of challenges in multiple countries in one call.

Our integrated solution for HR, finance, tax and legal ensures your company has the coverage it needs to stay compliant, avoid risks and have efficient HR and finance support abroad. Experience the Nair & Co. difference firsthand.

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