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Expatriate Tax Advice and Tax Assistance Service

To maximize worldwide business opportunities, companies are sending employees to work overseas in increasing numbers but expat scenarios are often stressful. Expats and their employers need help and advice on local country norms, Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) and their tax treatment, the running of ghost payrolls and help with preparing multi-country personal tax returns for the expat. This is often in the context of a wider package of support also involving visa, work permit and tax breaks (such as the 30% expat tax ruling in Netherlands).

Nair & Co. offers clients a dedicated Expatriate Tax advice unit that takes the pain and stress out of these situations. Our expatriate tax and immigration specialists advise and make necessary applications for work permits and visas. They detail how best to structure and document an employee’s overseas assignment to identify and exploit the tax planning opportunities available.

Expatriate employees are often quickly disenchanted when they discover that their net take-home pay is lower than expected because of high taxes in a host location. For this reason, many U.S. employers either offer tax equalization for expats or tax protection so that their expatriate employees do not pay more tax than the amount they would have paid had they remained working in the U.S.

Nair & Co. offers guidance on the suitability of tax equalization for expats and tax protection for a particular assignment and also details and manages the implementation of the process. Our team can also run “ghost payrolls” and prepare multi-country personnel tax filings for expat employees.

Our startup teams can advise you on the country specific requirements and provide your business with international business expansion and expatriate tax advice, bringing you the focused, appropriate and effective answer for your business expansion needs.

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