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End-to-end Expertise in Setting Foreign Subsidiary

A Subsidiary is an independent legal entity, which can hold local employees engaged in core functions of the parent company such as sales, customer support and research and development. A Subsidiary can also act as a regional profit center or as an importer of record if large volumes of goods need to be shipped to clients. Sometimes even if a company does not need a Subsidiary, its client/s may require one to be set up before a contract is formally signed.

An overseas or a foreign Subsidiary is a separate legal entity, effectively creating a separation of legal liability between the parent and its Subsidiary. Depending upon how you structure your foreign Subsidiary you may need to put in place an agreement between the two companies to determine how one is remunerated for the work that it undertakes on the other's behalf or to determine the transfer pricing relationship between the two. Special attention should be paid to the indirect tax issues arising from these types of agreements.

Nair & Co. has a dedicated startup team with the expertise to set up entities in more than 40 countries with an appropriate benchmarked tax infrastructure. However, if the Subsidiary is no longer the preferred means of doing business overseas, the closing down process can be expensive and lengthy. In these scenarios, our dedicated shut down team helps clients close down defunct foreign subsidiary.

The Nair & Co. foreign subsidiary model ensures your services are delivered directly by our high-qualified staff. Unlike many other service providers in our space, award-winning Nair & Co. feels it is critical to execute your needs in-house, instead of acting as a middleman and subcontracting highly confidential information to third parties. In addition, we are an independent, self-sustaining service provider with no links to, or investments in us, by sensitive third-parties such as your bank!

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