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Our Global HR Services Help Organisations to Focus on Core Areas

Growing your business globally can be a challenge. Partner with Nair & Co., if you need specialized global HR services expertise that is not available in your organization or if HR professionals within the organization do not have the time or resource to take on a new project. Concentrate on growing your organization rather than dealing with the everyday routine HR issues that can be dealt by us efficiently.

Human Resources abroad covers employment law, benefits and expat related issues. Nair & Co. expertise with international business expansion helps anticipate and rectify the pitfalls of employment choices overseas. We have a one-stop HR model where you can find all the International HR services required for your organization.

Our global HR service provides benefits of scale. It includes:

Benefits and Employment Documentation
Remuneration Advice

When a company hires staff abroad, it needs to be from the very beginning, compliant with local employment law. Entering a ..

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When hiring in a new country, companies need advice on the “going rates” of remuneration. Nair & Co. regularly analyses the payrolls....

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When hiring local employees overseas, companies need to be able to procure the agreed Benefits for them. Nair & Co...

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Employer Insurance
Visa / Work Permit

In certain countries, employers need mandatorily to buy certain types of insurance coverage. For example, in U.K. employers must...

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Expat situations are often stressful. Our HR team can assist by advising on local cost of living allowances (COLA), tax equalization...

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Obtaining a Visa/Work permit is often the most stressful part of the expat's move as the procedures and approach towards foreign ...

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Employee Termination

Employees sometimes need to be terminated for poor performance or on grounds of redundancy. The process is rarely straightforward and fraught...

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Nair & Co. has the expertise to bring about strategic changes, critical to the organizational development, planning and growth. Partner with us today!

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