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Companies view an Internal Audit as a tool to manage worldwide risk. Nair & Co.’s Internal Audit department does this as a matter of course. These services are free to the client.

Companies today need their internal auditors to ensure that controls identify any potentially adverse event or breach of due process and contain its effects before extensive damage occurs. Companies also need knowledge of local business, regulations and laws, in order to analyze the data. Nair & Co.’s internal audit department fills this gap to provide the needed assistance.

The Nair & Co. model ensures your services are delivered directly by our high-qualified staff. Unlike many other service providers in our space, award-winning Nair & Co. feels it is critical to execute your needs in-house, instead of acting as a middleman and subcontracting highly confidential information to third parties. In addition, we are an independent, self-sustaining service provider with no links to, or investments in us, by sensitive third-parties such as your bank!

Nair & Co. does not have any affiliation with and does not recommend any particular audit firm. We cannot, for conflict of interest reasons, carry out the audit.

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