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Centralized International Payroll Services – Nair & Co. Expertise

Centralizing the running of international payroll services can result in significant efficiencies despite the fact that local taxation, social security retirement provisions and treatment of stock options and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) vary widely from country to country. Nair & Co. helps clients achieve these efficiencies of scale.

If you are expanding business overseas, our expertise and knowledge of local requirements along with access to local resources can be of great benefit. We are the only International Business Expansion Services provider with the international tax, compliance, and accounting expertise needed to reduce the risk and liabilities of an overseas expansion. By outsourcing your international payroll, you can focus on running your business efficiently.

Global Payroll Services - Nair & Co. Making the World a Borderless Marketplace

Nair & Co. integrates legal, accounting, payroll, tax and human resources services taking the stress out of your overseas expansion. We are a reliable one stop, one point of contact solution in your new market or country of operation and we can drastically reduce costs and risks, management time, compliance and confidentiality headaches for multinationals.

Payroll Compliance
Mandatory Benefits

Nair & Co.’s multi-country payroll unit takes the pain out of running international payrolls...

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The cost and complexity of Pension provisions, including provisions for expatriate employees, is a...

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Certain regions, for example Singapore and Hong Kong require employers provide their local...

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Stock Options
Expat Tax

Mishandled Stock Options/ESPP in rising markets can create huge exposures for companies...

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To maximise worldwide business opportunities, U.S. companies are sending employees to work...

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