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Accounting, tax, payroll and stock option reporting regulations vary dramatically from country to country, posing a challenge to companies operating overseas. Nair & Co.’s centralized compliance team takes the pain out of this process.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive timetable of filing deadlines by country and then prepare and file to ensure compliance. Our tax compliance team also carries out tax provisioning work, where this is relevant as per local regulations or internal corporate policies.

The Nair & Co. model ensures your services are delivered directly by our high-qualified staff. Unlike many other service providers in our space, award-winning Nair & Co. feels it is critical to execute your needs in-house, instead of acting as a middleman and subcontracting highly confidential information to third parties. In addition, we are an independent, self-sustaining service provider with no links to, or investments in us, by sensitive third-parties such as your bank!

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