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There is nothing worse than being sued or “about to be” sued by a local country regulator for taxes, penalties and interest you did not know you owed.

Regulators, however, are usually reasonable and amenable to discussion once they know a professional on the ground is addressing the problem. Nair & Co.’s tax team has significant experience unwinding such situations. For e.g., recently, we reduced a two million dollar penalty arising from the incorrect payroll treatment of stock options in Belgium to just $150,000 after 18 months of negotiations with the local revenue authorities.

Award-winning Nair & Co. offers you and your company a single-firm solution that allows you to reduce your investment of time and money and operate abroad safely. With our one point of contact business model, you can discuss the full range of challenges in multiple countries in one call.

Our integrated solution for HR, finance, tax and legal ensures your company has the coverage it needs to stay compliant, avoid risks and have efficient HR and finance support abroad. Experience the Nair & Co. difference firsthand.

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